Our healthcare systems face an

unmet medical thread

Antimicrobial resistance will cause 10 million deaths worldwide in 2050 (WHO)

This issue is included in the list of “urgent global health problems” (WHO,2020)

In 2017, WHO published the first ever list of 12 families of bacteria that pose the greatest threat to human health and in 2022 published the first fungal priority pathogens list.


Fungi appears as an
untapped source for

new antibiotics

Despite the extensive historical progress in the early discovery of anti-infective agents, the fungal kingdom remains an inexhaustible source of obtaining new chemical structures to address drug development.

Chances to find unidentified fungal species and novel bioactive fungal products are still high.

At Hifas Biologics we are

leading the race

We are the ideal partner to unlock the potential of fungi, thanks to:


Our blended team:

We have a well-balaced team, joining excelent researchers with experienced business managers to assure the success of our venture.

We are a spin-off of Hifas da Terra, the biotech company leader in Europe developing fungi products with more than 20 years of experience.


Our core asset: 

Our Activotheque, a unique and validated platform for early fungi-sourced-drugs discovery that ensures us a continuous flow of active compounds with antimicrobial activities.

It is currently made of 60 proprietary fungi strands with  more than 80 samples that has shown activity against 10 pathogens.


Our key features: 

  • Bridging the gap between nature and pharmaceutical, exploring the therapeutic potential of fungi.
  • Drug Discovery and development targeting diseases with high unmet medical need and excellent market potential.
  • Focus on clinically validated targets reducing development risks.
  • Novel and differentiated compounds with strong IP through medicinal chemistry.

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