Four facts you might not have known about mushrooms

Think you know all about mushrooms? At HIFAS Biologics, our mission is focused on combating antibiotic resistance by using the power of fungi to develop new drugs capable of effectively tackling these resistant pathogens. Our little (or not so little) companions of the fungal kingdom hide much more than meets the eye: in addition to their unexplored potential to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry, they have a number of interesting facts that you should not miss.

The Giants of the Earth

Did you know that mushrooms comprise some of the largest living organisms on the planet? Mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, can spread over large areas. In fact, some species of fungi cover up to 9 square kilometres. This extensive underground growth is not only impressive for its size, but also for its ability to connect and nourish different ecosystems.

Pioneers of colonisation

Long before plants emerged, fungi were already pioneers in the colonisation of the Earth. These organisms were the first to establish themselves in rocks, playing an essential role in the development of ecosystems. Thanks to their ability to break down minerals and organic matter, fungi paved the way for plants to grow and thrive, laying the foundation for the plant life we know today.

Masters of Patience

Fungi possess an uncanny ability to wait for the right time to grow. They can remain dormant for years, until the optimal conditions for their development present themselves. This capacity for patience and resilience is a testament to the adaptability and strength of fungi, allowing them to survive and thrive in a variety of environments.

Global Citizens

From the depths of tropical rainforests to frozen tundras, fungi thrive in virtually every corner of the globe. Their ability to adapt to different habitats and contribute to ecological balance makes them true global citizens. This versatility is one of the reasons why fungi are so promising in the search for new bioactive compounds to combat microbial resistance.

Thus, fungi represent an inexhaustible source of chemical diversity. They offer promising avenues for the discovery of new bioactive compounds that can revolutionise the treatment of infectious diseases. At HIFAS Biologics, we are exploring this diversity to develop innovative drugs that can address the challenge of microbial resistance.