Our strategy to combat microbial resistance: fungus-driven innovation

The fungal world represents an invaluable source of innovation for early drug discovery targeting multi-resistant bacterial strains. That is our philosophy at HIFAS Biologics. Therefore, our strategy is entirely focused on the research and development of new antibiotics and is based on three fundamental pillars that guide our efforts towards the goal of combating microbial resistance.

1. Mycotheca Design and Optimisation

The first pillar of our strategy is the design and optimisation of our mycotheca. The mycotheca is a collection of diverse fungal species that we have carefully catalogued and preserved for study and analysis. The richness and chemical diversity of fungi offer us a vast potential to discover new bioactive compounds that can be used as antibiotics.

Our mycotheca includes not only common fungi, but also rare and unique species that may contain molecules never before explored in modern medicine. Through advanced biotechnology techniques, we optimise these strains to maximise their production of bioactive compounds, creating a solid basis for drug discovery.

2. Creating a Network of Strategic Partners for Open Innovation in Drug Discovery

The second pillar of our strategy is the creation of a network of strategic partners for Open Innovation in Drug Discovery processes. We recognise that collaboration is key to success in biotechnology. Therefore, we have established partnerships with leading research institutions, universities and biotech companies.

These collaborations allow us to share knowledge, resources and technologies, accelerating the process of discovery and development of new antibiotics. Open Innovation fosters an environment of cooperation and creativity, where the best talent and technologies come together to address the global challenge of microbial resistance.

3. Intellectual Property (IP) Generation

The third pillar of our strategy is intellectual property (IP) generation. Protecting our innovations is fundamental to ensuring that our discoveries can be successfully developed and commercialized. Generating IP not only gives us a competitive advantage, but also enables us to attract investment and establish stronger strategic partnerships.

We are committed to patenting our technologies and bioactive compounds, ensuring that every scientific breakthrough is protected and can effectively contribute to our mission. Intellectual property is also crucial to ensure that our products reach the market safely and efficiently, benefiting the patients who need them most.

You may think this strategy is overly ambitious. But it is also clear, achievable and motivates us to grow: by focusing on designing and optimising our mycotheca, building a network of strategic partners and generating intellectual property, we are well positioned to lead the field of fungal-based antibiotic discovery. Our commitment to this mission is strong, and we are determined to meet the challenge of microbial resistance with innovation and collaboration.

To learn more about our strategy and our ongoing efforts to combat multi-resistant bacteria, we invite you to visit our website. Together, we are driving innovation in medicine and contributing to a healthier world!