Why should you be concerned about antimicrobial resistance?

Although it may seem a distant, distant or alien topic, antimicrobial resistance has become a global public health issue. The reality is harsher than it appears: we are all at risk and can all be affected by this growing threat. Indeed, microbial infections can make anyone sick at any time in their lives and, without the right tools to combat them, can become life-threatening.

But antimicrobial resistance not only affects the individual, it also jeopardizes the quality of medical care we all depend on. Such crucial procedures as organ transplantation or cancer treatment can become dangerous because of the risk of infection, which cannot be fought without effective antibiotics against resistant pathogens. Even simple interventions could compromise the patient’s well-being due to the emergence of infections that do not have effective tools for their treatment.

At HIFAS Biologics we are clear: we must all commit ourselves to combat this growing threat and to make scenarios such as those mentioned above less likely in reality. For our part, we dedicate our efforts to working hard on the development of fungal-based drugs capable of stopping infections that are resistant to traditional antibiotics. Our research is focused on finding innovative solutions that can counteract microbial resistance and improve public health in general, thus helping to ensure a future where global wellbeing is a given.

It is essential to understand that microbial resistance is not only a medical problem, but also a social and economic challenge that affects society as a whole. The rise of drug-resistant infections not only increases human suffering, but also entails significant costs for healthcare systems and the economy in general.

Es por eso que es crucial que esta lucha sea colaborativa y no se reduzca a un pequeño número de actores dinamizadores. Ya sea como individuos, comunidades o empresas, todos tenemos un papel que desempeñar en la prevención y el control de esta amenaza creciente. Al educarnos sobre la importancia de un uso adecuado de los antibióticos, apoyar la investigación y el desarrollo de nuevos tratamientos, y promover políticas de salud pública efectivas, podemos marcar la diferencia y proteger el bienestar de las generaciones futuras.