HIFAS Biologics and “One Health”: An alliance to defend public health

In the 21st century, the accelerating pace of globalisation, climate change and urbanisation has brought public health concerns into the spotlight. The connection between human and environmental health has become more evident than ever, demonstrating that any disruption to an ecosystem can have significant repercussions on the well-being of people, animals and plants. In this scenario, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has positioned itself as a driver for change by promoting the ‘One Health’ initiative, active since 2000.

“One Health” represents a response to emerging public health challenges that fall outside more traditional approaches and disciplines. Thus, this integrative strategy recognises that human health is directly linked to animal health and the environment, and therefore seeks to foster collaboration between experts in medicine, veterinary medicine, ecology, biology and other disciplines to jointly and effectively address global health threats.

Among the many challenges addressed by One Health, one is very much in line with the nature of HIFAS Biologics: the fight against microbial resistance to antibiotics. This issue represents a growing threat to public health worldwide, jeopardising decades of medical advances and compromising the ability to treat common and serious infectious diseases. It is clear: antibiotic resistance not only leads to increased healthcare costs and prolonged hospitalisations, but can also result in a significant increase in mortality associated with resistant infections.

In this context, we at HIFAS Biologics have taken on a committed role in this global challenge, firmly believing in the potential of fungi to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing public health challenges. Our research at HIFAS Biologics focuses on the identification and development of novel antibiotics and treatments derived from the fungal kingdom, taking advantage of the rich biodiversity of these organisms to discover bioactive compounds with therapeutic properties. This unique approach is enhanced by the wide range of undiscovered fungal species that exist and the broad spectrum of drugs they can provide.

Al apostar por una estrategia que integra naturaleza y ciencia, en HIFAS Biologics no solo buscamos mejorar la salud humana, sino que también se liga el compromiso a proteger el bienestar del planeta en todo su conjunto. Alineados con el desafío One Health, creemos que únicamente la colaboración interdisciplinaria y la innovación pueden conducir a avances significativos en la prevención y tratamiento de enfermedades, contribuyendo así a un futuro más saludable y sostenible para todos.