Hifas Biologics and the CSIC join forces in an innovative collaboration to develop antimicrobial peptides to fight multidrug-resistant infections

Hifas Biologics, a leader in the early development of antimicrobials from fungi, is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) specifically with the IPNA (Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology). This strategic partnership, which arose within the framework of the CSIC COCREA, aims to search for antimicrobial peptides present in basidiomycete fungi to combat multidrug-resistant infections.

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has selected Hifas Biologics as a key partner in its quest to drive innovation in the field of human health through the development of antimicrobial peptides. This collaboration represents a perfect synergy between the CSIC’s world-renowned scientific know-how and Hifas Biologics’ expertise in biotechnology and new drug development.

Antimicrobial peptides can be natural or synthetic molecules with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that may be a promising alternative to traditional antibiotics. At a time when antibiotic resistance is a global concern, the search for new antimicrobial agents is vitally important to combat infectious diseases and improve public health.

Under the public call CSIC COCREA, Hifas Biologics and the IPNA-CSIC will work closely together to identify, design and develop innovative antimicrobial peptides. This partnership will leverage the CSIC’s vast scientific expertise in molecular biology and microbiology, as well as the knowledge, expertise and biotechnological capacity of Hifas Biologics to achieve success.

Dr. Esteban Sinde, CEO of Hifas Biologics, commented: “We are excited to collaborate with the CSIC on this vitally important project. We believe that antimicrobial peptides have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of infectious diseases and we are committed to bringing this research into clinical practice.”

The collaboration between Hifas Biologics and the CSIC in the development of antimicrobial peptides demonstrates the commitment of both institutions to innovation and scientific advancement. This partnership promises significant results in the fight against infectious diseases and reinforces the role of Hifas Biologics as an agent of change in the search for new therapeutic solutions.