Hifas Biologics joins the prestigious biotechnology startup acceleration program “SiloAceleraBio” coordinated by SILO in collaboration with ASEBIO.

Hifas Biologics, a leading company in the early development of antimicrobials from fungal origin, has been selected to participate in the renowned biotechnology company acceleration program “SiloAceleraBio”. This inclusion in SiloAceleraBio marks a significant milestone for Hifas Biologics, consolidating its position as an innovative and promising company in the biotechnology sector.

SiloAceleraBio is an internationally renowned business acceleration program coordinated by SIlO (Science & Innovation Link) in collaboration with the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and ASEBIO (Spanish Bioindustry Association). This has become a springboard for start-ups with high growth potential. In this edition, Hifas Biologics has been chosen from a wide range of competitors thanks to its outstanding track record in research, development and potential in the early development of antimicrobials from fungi, as well as for its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The inclusion of Hifas Biologics in SiloAceleraBio not only validates the hard work and dedication of it´s team, but also provides an invaluable platform to accelerate their growth and expansion. Through this program, the company will have access to world-class mentors, financial resources, and networking opportunities that will further boost its development and market positioning, as well as seek private investment.
In the words of the CEO of Hifas Biologics, Dr. Esteban Sinde, “We are delighted to be part of the SiloAceleraBio program. This opportunity will not only allow us to strengthen our business capabilities, but it will also help us develop the strategies needed to take our biotech innovations to the next level.”

For its part, SiloAceleraBio has expressed great enthusiasm for the participation of Hifas Biologics in the program. “We are pleased to welcome Hifas Biologics to our business community. We are confident that it´s expertise and commitment to excellence will contribute significantly to the success of the program.”
The inclusion of Hifas Biologics in the SiloAceleraBio program represents an important step in its journey towards the development of new drugs that help achieve a better world. With this unique opportunity, the company is equipped with the tools to accelerate its growth, expand its reach, and continue to lead innovation in the field of biotechnology.